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The door's pushed open roughly, the Husband rushes in. The Master sees his firm resolve and wonders who will win. The woman's tied and kneeling, her eyes are wide with fear. She can't believe he's found her, can't cope with them both here. The Husband checks his fury, and kneels beside his wife. He can't accept or understand her preference for this life. "Darling," he implores her, "please come back home with me! This bastard's just abusing you!  It's crazy - don't you see?" The woman sobs in panic, wondering how she can explain. Seeing this poor man's distress is worse than all the pain. The Master knows his moment, and reminds her that he's there. She meets his eye and shudders at the secrets that they share. How can it be that seven years of safe, romantic bliss Can wither at one lingering look from such a man as this? "She needs it," says the Master.  "She always begs for more." The Husband flees, the woman wails; the Master shuts the door.
                                   Erotic Writing
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