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"I want sex; let's take it from there! Five foot ten, blue eyes, blond hair. New to this, so don't know what to say, Fit and attractive (told so, anyway). If you're after commitment, I'm not the one, Just looking for No Strings Attached adult fun. Try anything once, but no pain or piss, And if you're a big girl, I'll give it a miss. You won't be disappointed, I'm good in bed, I'm quite well-endowed (so my girlfriends have said). I'm not some perv, just a regular guy. You've nothing to lose, why not give me a try? So send me your photo (it's only fair), Let's chat on the phone and then take it from there. (No timewasters, please, or prossies or queers, Just genuine single ladies!  Cheers.)"
                                   Erotic Writing
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