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Playing With Fire

"I hear you've slept with Colin, and Steve and Micky too!"

He holds her hands behind her.  She wonders what to do.

"You saucy little vixen!  So I wasn't enough?

You sure have chosen all the hunks; it seems you know your stuff!"

His breath is hot upon her; she trembles at his touch.

She hopes she hasn't blown it - she needs this guy too much.

"So what am I to do with you, Miss Spread-it-all-about?"

And before she thinks, before she's sure, the fateful words are out.

"Why don't you go and get them, and tell them what I've done.

If you can drop the jealousy, I'll show you all some fun!"

His eyebrows rise in wonder, he breaks into a grin.

He grabs his jacket quickly, leaves the flat - and locks her in!

Half an hour later, she still thinks he's had her on.

An hour after that her nerve has well and truly gone!

When at last the front door opens, she really can't believe

There's not just Dave regarding her, but Colin, Mick and Steve!

She panics as they touch her.  "Please - Dave, I'm scared - no, wait!"

But he answers in a whisper, "Too late, my dear, too late!"

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