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Sex Talk - Extract - Perfect session

“Master has a calm, confident manner and makes it known to me - by saying so, and by his  evident sexual pleasure - that he is enjoying playing with me, and appreciates watching me  obey him and my being under his control.  He may frequently remind me that a slave's  purpose is to please her master.  The slave - this slave - will gain great satisfaction from  seeing and knowing her master deeply sexually pleased.    Master is always completely in control of events.  It's up to him to say what happens next -  whatever he fancies, within the slave's limits.  The slave dearly wishes not to have to think -  just to respond.  Thinking about nothing but responding to her master's wishes creates the  escapist high that leaves the slave feeling very satisfied.  This escapist state of existing to  please her master and responding to his wishes could certainly go on for hours before the  slave felt she'd had enough and wanted to get back to real life.    A session of two to three hours, including sexual activity, is very satisfying.  Only one or  one and a half hours feels too short, and having activity cut short soon after the escapist  state has been achieved is particularly wrenching.  However these times usually include the  getting to know someone stages, and a solid half hour or so here and there within a more  established relationship would be very adequate and appreciated.    Master is always communicative while a session is happening.  Sessions when little is  said and instructions are infrequent, are uncomfortable.  Slave feels confused about what  she should be doing and what master is thinking.  Master will always demand verbal  response to what he is doing.  He wants to know that slave is concentrating and has his  wishes and the situation foremost in her mind.  He may say:  "Have you been a naughty  slut?" or "Now do what you're told or I won't be very pleased with you." or "Whose slave are  you?" or "How many strokes was that?  I want you to count them." or "That's nice, I like  seeing you like that." or "You've forgotten my instruction; I thought I just told you to keep  your tongue out!" or "Sit there and have a wank and tell me what you're fantasising about."  or "Next time I tell you to do that I expect you to start immediately." or "Now, I think it's time  we tied you up for a little while." or "Go into the other room quickly and bring me the riding  crop in your teeth." or "You're being very good today."  (Slave loves little compliments!)    Master's tone will always be playful and reassuring, but bottom line strict.  He will never  cross into unkind verbal abuse.  Even if he calls his slave a fat bitch or a disobedient slag,  slave will know that he is really approving, and/or aroused by the terminology, and isn't  really being unpleasant to her.  However, master may well explore limits verbally and  threaten to exceed them.  He may say: "I'd like to piss in your mouth." or "I think you should  be able to take it much harder than that." or "Next time you come here I shall expect you to  tolerate this position for much longer."  But slave trusts that he won't exceed them, and in  any case is by nature prepared to consider and try to exceed them if her master makes a  particular point of it.    Master will have assured slave early in the session or outside of it that he knows her exit  word, eg "exit" or "mercy", which means, "what's happening now is really too much - the  real life me has been triggered and me as a human being, not a slave, wants this to stop  immediately."  However, slave will always strive not to use the exit word and seldom finds it  necessary - perhaps only if something new is tried - because usually master can tell by her  responses - ie how much she yells and flinches and complains - how much she can take.    Master will use an instrument to punish/instruct slave to be obedient.  He will hold it firmly  and confidently, so the slave has no doubt about what is intended!  He knows that a cane or  crop is the most painful and is reserved for a few strokes, perhaps late in the session.  Real  pain needs to be built up to.  The slave must first be prepared - made ready - to take  heavier punishment, perhaps over the course of several sessions.  But this is only if the  master wants this.  This slave (ie me!) will tolerate it, but doesn't really want the pain.  She  will pay the price if the master wishes it, but would probably prefer not to be tested by  extreme pain, such as from the cane.    The key to prolonged 'discipline' with the paddle or whip, for example, is limited intensity.   Slave can tolerate lots of medium strokes and loves to be whipped for a long time.  One too  hard stroke is worse than many just tolerable.  She expects to be sometimes disciplined  harder than just tolerable, but appreciates build up, and lots of stroking and reassurance in  between too hard strokes.    The ends of a whip hurt most.  Using the length of the thongs is much more bearable.   Master has to determine what slave can tolerate by starting quite gently and experimenting  with increasing intensity.  It will be clear from slave's flinching and directly saying so - eg  playfully complaining - that strokes are getting too hard.  Once a tolerable 'medium'  intensity has been found, whipping can go on almost indefinitely.    Strokes shouldn't start too frequently.  Slave likes to be warned when each one is coming,  although of course sometimes master will surprise her.  Expected strokes are for some  reason easier to take than unexpected ones.  Being prepared mentally makes a huge  difference to what can be tolerated.  A sudden hard stroke with no rapport is difficult and  confusing, whereas the same stroke after lots of fondling and caressing and being told "I'm  going to give you a hard one now, and you're going to go with it and accept it, because I  want you to", etc, is much easier.  Mental preparation and build up are the key to extending  limits.   This slave likes to be whipped particularly on the bum (NB higher up towards the small of  the back gets much more sensitive, ie painful) and on the backs of her thighs.  (She  especially loves spanking and paddling at the top of the thighs at the back, just below the  bum, especially after she has come, when for some reason this region cries out for  pressure - spanking, or the feel of someone fucking, or she sometimes dreams of her upper  thighs being tightly bound.)  She also likes 'punishment' on her back, on the front and inside  of her thighs, on her pussy (not with the tips of a whip which is excruciating), on her tummy,  and on her tits (top and sides but avoiding nipples, which is much more painful), on her  chest above her tits, and on her arms.  She could also receive occasional strokes on the  palms of her hands, and anywhere else really - it's just face/head and nipples that need to  be avoided. She particularly loves extended tit spanking - from the top and side with four  fingers or the end of a strap or paddle - till they are red and sore, and she's left with a  strong psychological feeling of having been 'used and abused' - played with and punished.    This slave likes to be touched a lot.  She always wants to feel hands.  'At a distance'  sessions are less satisfying than when master is constantly stroking her and spanking her  and playing with her pussy and tits.  A master with confident, skilful hands and fingers is  wonderful.  She wants to have her pussy under his control - wants him to be able to arouse  her.   This slave never sees herself as completely subservient and obedient.  She always  presents herself as a beginner because she really wants to be trained to be sub, versus  already being properly sub.  Masters see this differently.  Some want the perfect obedience,  others enjoy the training element.  She will therefore often be cheeky and disobedient, in a  game-playing way, which the master is bound to recognise as a deliberate taunt and to  which he will respond by being more strict.  This is an occasion when 'no' can mean 'yes' -  but it will be very obvious.  If the master is in doubt, he can remind the slave to use the exit  word if she really means no, or pursue the activity or punishment until he makes her do it  (eg assume a position or suck his cock), thereby proving she doesn't mind really.  This  slave will often say 'No! Make me!" early in a session, because she's not ready just to  respond and obey immediately - 'cold', as it were.  She's ready to obey, but wants to be  made to - to be trained to.  There may be ambiguity when limits are being explored, but the  master can persist because it's the slave's decision whether or not to use the exit word, and  thereby to explore her own limits mentally.    This slave loves to be kissed by a master.  Sweet, soft, intimate kisses on the lips in-  between punishments and as rewards for obedience are utter ecstasy.  She would also feel  privileged if a master tenderly kissed her breasts and neck, for example.  Sweet, slow,  gentle love-making from a man who is punishing you and driving you to your limits and  making you obey him!  This is heaven.  This slave would try her utmost to tolerate pain and  please her master in some difficult way, if he afterwards took her in his arms and kissed her  and stroked her.  Sweet master's kisses make SM sessions a particularly emotional  experience.    This slave loves body worship and kissing (clean!) feet.  She adores crawling on the floor  and looking up at her master standing above her.  She's in raptures if he rests his feet on  her back, or pushes her down with a foot on the back of her neck, or whips her bum while  she kisses his feet.  She doesn't like actually licking, unless the boots or shoes or trousers  are extremely clean.  She loves to be told to 'worship my trousers from the bottom up', for  example.  She will kiss them with abandon and rub her tits on them and bury her head  between master's legs.  Of course this is best when trousers are leather or PVC or rubber,  but she is very happy worshipping jeans.  Denim covered bottoms and crotches!  Master  can also ask slave to worship (ie mainly kiss) the back of his gloved hand, for example, or  his chest, or his cock, which is likely to lead to sucking.  She can worship his bottom, and  has been known to lick bumhole when instructed, although admits to doing this only  reluctantly.  Again, she doesn't desperately like licking hairy balls, but will make an attempt  if instructed.  She does love balls on her face.  Being sat on, or just having balls (and cock)  rubbed in her face.    If master holds slave's head, covering her ears in some way, this has a very powerful  escapist effect.  He may just hold her head against his body, or straddle her head with his  thighs, either while she is kneeling or lying down.  This slave has often fantasised about  kneeling under a table with her head clasped between master's thighs as he eats or works,  for extended periods.    This slave does not like her nipples being played with - general sucking is okay but not  biting and pinching and manipulating.  She's ultra-squeamish about her nipples, and gets  no pleasure from them.  Nipple clamps are out, although she has tried them - they are very  painful!  She would pursue this only with much coaxing and reassurance and strict  instruction!    Slave likes corsets and being constricted round the waist.  This goes straight to her pussy!   She loves pony and puppy games and would love to be led around by her bridle, or  fastened to a post by her ankle, and made to behave like - and be treated like - a pony or  other pet.  Having a saddle placed on her back was a very good experience.  Being patted  and spoken to like an animal - or even like a child - is very powerful.  This is sometimes  reflected in childish language, such as, "Now then, come along and stop complaining, and  be a good girl and do what you're told." or "I'm sorry, master, I was really trying to be good,  but it was so painful, I couldn't help it." (With pout and childish voice!)  The whole concept  of being a pet - the little submissive plaything that rolls onto its back for a fondle, and begs  attention and reward - is very central to how this slave's submissiveness is developing.   However, the situation must always be very adult and sexually charged.  This slave  wouldn't particularly want to be a servant or pet without the element of sexual use, or  without punishment.    Slave is very keen to experiment with bondage, as long as it's sensible and she feels safe.   She's reluctant to be blindfolded, as she likes to see what's going on, and prefers not to be  gagged, so she can communicate, but these things could be gradually extended in their  use as a relationship became more trusting and confident.    Slave does like to be fucked!  She does appreciate that a master may not always wish to  use her in this way, but whether or not she has been fucked is the major factor in deciding  whether she feels satisfied.  She wants to be fucked because she wants to see her master  ultimately pleased inside her.  He doesn't have to come inside her, just fuck her, even  briefly, so it's really sexual - so she's really been his slut and his whore and his sex slave.   This doesn't mean to say that situations without fucking, eg at the less tolerant clubs, are  not also enjoyable.  She doesn't expect necessarily to come during a strict SM session, but  finds it additionally good if she's allowed to wank, and perhaps master helps her come with  dildo and fantasies - and she would find it heavenly if master were to find pleasure in licking  her off!  She loves being licked off while in bondage, or brought to the brink - kept very  aroused - during a punishment and obedience session.    Slave will of course swallow spunk when told firmly to do so, but does admit to feeling  some residual reluctance.  This is an area which will doubtless be worked on further by  strict masters!   This slave gets particularly excited when a master does not want her exclusively to  himself, but likes to talk about and promise her that he intends to share her with his friends,  and will expect her to be available to other men while in his control.  As in other sexual  situations, she likes talk that encourages and is appreciative of her sluttishness and  availability.    All the above relates to one to one sessions.  Needless to say, this slave finds having two  masters simultaneously utterly wonderful.  Being shared - watching them relate to each  other, listening to them discussing what they are going to do with her, having them take  turns with punishing and fucking her, having one whip her while she sucks the other, and so  forth.  Her ultimate experience is to be controlled by one master while in a group situation.   Having him instruct her what to do with other men.  Having him there as a focus to relate to  as she fulfils her function of pleasing the others.  (Further pages could be written about the  possibilities of this sort of situation!)  She also appreciates bi masters.  Being sub with  another guy is a very interesting situation - sucking cock with another man being her often  quoted 'favourite pastime'.  Also, of course, she likes to see men fuck, and would love to be  involved in a scene where master was fucking the male slave, perhaps while she and the  latter were tied together, or being made to do something to each other.    That's enough perfect SM session, I think!  Practical suggestions of what to do with a slavegirl:  (Assuming the lady's complete consent, of course!)  Make her strip and show you her pussy.  Tell her to parade around the room in her high heels; give her specific instructions like "put  your hands behind your head" or "make sure you only take little steps" or "swing your arse  around more".  Tell her to lie on the floor or the bed with her legs open and play with herself while you  wank.  Teach her named or numbered positions, eg sitting with her legs open and her tongue out,  or on all fours with her bum up, or standing leaning forward with straight legs.  Test her on  these positions, being strict about speed of reaction and exact posture.  Make her crawl around at your side on all fours.  Teach her 'sit' and 'stay' instructions, like a  dog.  Ask her to fetch something from another room, or from across the room, in some specific  way, eg present a whip to you with outstretched arms, or bring a dildo in her mouth or  pussy. Make her present her tits to you for inspection and spanking.   Tell her she's not holding them forward or high enough.  Leave her in a humiliating or available position while you quit the room for a while.  Tell her you've got a surprise for her she won't like, but don't tell her what it is yet.  Gag her for a while and still make her respond to instructions and suggestions with yeses  and nos.  Blindfold her and leave her in a position for some time, or lead her around blindfolded.  Make her hunt for your cock while she's blindfolded and suck it, as you keep moving round  out of her reach.  Carefully wrap her in loads of clingfilm, lick her almost to orgasm, then leave her with a  dildo up her pussy while you make a phonecall.  Get her to bend over the arm of a chair, or get down with her bum in the air, and give her a  stated number of strokes with some implement - slowly, and with lots of stroking and  talking.  Intersperse punishment with making her suck you, or you or she playing with her pussy.  Put her through an exercise routine - make her out of breath!   Make her suck you when she's still panting and recovering.  Teach her specific verbal responses, like "I've been a naughty girl, and I deserve to be  punished" or "Thank you for spanking me, master.  Please spank me harder next time" or "I  adore you, master, your wish is my command."  Make her spend ten minutes kissing your feet while you watch television.  Use her has your footstool for twenty minutes as you pretend to have a nap.  Make her feed you bits of food, or sips of your drink, making her return to some position  after each brief service, eg with her head between your thighs or touching the floor, until  you next ask for assistance.  Squeeze and spank her tits while you fuck her.  Threaten to take her out to the local pub with her hands tied behind her and naked under a  coat.  Pretend it's happening.  Physically role play what happens when you tell her to take  her coat off and sit on the floor surrounded by men.  Put her over your lap and spank her 200 times or for 20 minutes or until she's really  struggling or complaining - whichever is the longer!  Tell her to whip her own bum or pussy with a variety of implements you provide her with.  Experiment with rope; find five different ways to tie her up comfortably for long periods.  Wrap her up completely in an improvised body bag - sheets or quilt - perhaps just leaving  her head and pussy or bum free.  Then sit on her face, or whip her pussy, or cover her with  more quilts and leave her to sweat and plead while you take a break.  Handcuff her for long periods of time.  Teach her to do things - serve you drinks? Fondle  your balls? - while handcuffed.  Always remember to insist she thanks you both for pleasure and punishment.  Demand her  verbal respect.  Be strict about details.  Take her into the bathroom and piss down her pants while spanking her tits and telling her  she'd better start showing you more respect or you'll cane her every day.  Make her beg you to fuck her.  Tell her she has to earn it first by accepting these three  strokes which are going to be harder than she really wants." 
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