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Suddenly, suddenly, in a desert of despair A whirlwind of randiness - so suddenly - is there. Kissing, hugging, stripping me, exceptionally keen, A confident explorer, though insisting he is green. Busy from this angle, busier from that So enthusiastic that I don't know where I'm at. Making small suggestions, deferential and polite, But making sure he's getting what HE wants from tonight. "I wonder if you'd move a little lower on the bed, So I can try to hold you in a different way instead." "Do you think that you could - only if you didn't mind - Turn a little this way, so it's easier from behind." His stamina and energy I really can't believe; We've done a lot of fucking but he isn't keen to leave. But finally it's over - pure heaven cannot last - And suddenly, too suddenly, the whirlwind has passed.
                                   Erotic Writing
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